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by Dr. Faye Hardaway

Learn how to master any job situation to achieve what is important to you.
An easy to follow desk reference guide you will use time and time again in handling various job situations.


Learn how to
     --get better job   
       performance evaluations
     --get promoted
     --handle office politics
     --do an effective presentation
       or business case analysis
     --communicate with a difficult  
     --become a highly sought  

       after employee and much more   

It is like Dr. Faye has worked on my job. This book is excellent.”
    Jeremy Taylor, San Diego, CA
"Regardless of your job situation, the basic rules for success are the same. My goal in writing this book is to “break the code” for others."
DR. FAYE HARDAWAY, is an experienced manager, business owner and consultant who has helped hundreds of people to be better at what they do and gain more out of their work experiences. "She is like a breath of fresh air," one employee put it. Dr. Faye, Transpersonal/Spiritual Psychologist, is an author, professional speaker and spiritual success/life coach.
Business Motivational, 310 pages, ISBN 0-9662663-2-3,  paperback, $19.95



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How To Get Your Boss To Work For You









 in the


by Dr. Faye Hardaway, Spiritual Psychologist, MBA


This book, Spirituality in the Workplace by Dr. Faye Hardaway, uses spiritual principles (residing in all people) of imagination/creativity, compassion, forgiveness, faith, strength, power, wisdom, zeal--passion, enthusiasm, determination--spirit, understanding, life--energy, order... to address the workplace. Inspired by Charles Fillmore’s The Twelve Powers work and others.
This book is non-denominational.
Key definitions:
          Religion--usually relates to a particular set of creeds, doctrines--how one chooses to express his or her spirituality. Usually an outward act.
                 On the other hand
          Spirituality--relates to an inward journey, personal sense of a connection with a higher power.
This book is about spirituality--that inward journey to wholeness. It transcends ego/personality driven motives and responds to heart-felt dreams and aspirations.

Spirituality In the Workplace
by Dr. Faye Hardaway, Spiritual Psychologist, MBA

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