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Fibroid Tumors Healed Naturally

Dr. Faye Hardaway

This book is dedicated to all the women (our ancestors, present warriors and future generations) who have experienced/endured the uterine fibroid tumor challenge.


My prayer is that women be healed of any and all challenges with their menses.


Excerpts from the Book

     It had been a typical hectic workday. As I drove home around 6:30 p.m. (a little earlier for me than the time I normally left the office) and started approaching the downtown area of Atlanta, Georgia, a talk show was on the radio. I was not really focusing on the talk show, I was just happy to be off early, thrilled that there was no rush hour traffic and was admiring the buildings. The talk show was one of those health type shows and I overheard the gentlemen who was the guest saying white flour and a list of other things were not good for you. He then went on to list the symptoms of uterine fibroid tumors. He said, “Heavy periods, clots, lasting for seven days.” I said, aloud in the car, “I have that…those symptoms. I better call a doctor tomorrow and check this out.”

     That was my beginning into the world of uterine fibroid tumors. And, it was a twelve (12) year journey for me.


     I went to the first doctor, who said, “YOU HAVE TO HAVE A HYSTERECTOMY.” I heard that too often. It was too common, too quick of an answer, too radical of an approach…too scary for me. I was in my thirties, had never been married or had children, and never had any problems with my periods until now. I went to over seventeen doctors searching for a better answer, many said the same thing, “You Have To Have A Hysterectomy” or suggested some other invasive approach.


     It was like going through a maze trying to figure things out in the mist of awful options for something I just knew had to have a simple solution.


     After going through a lot of agony, I reluctantly gave in (some) and tried a surgical approach, myomectomy. A myomectomy is when fibroids are surgically removed/cut out from the uterus. This did not work for me at all, although it has worked for some women very well. And, to top things off, for me, I could no longer get back in to see the doctor who performed the surgery, her calendar was always “too busy”. Looking back at this now, I know that this and other frustrating situations on the journey were all blessings in disguise. I had to call upon strength and wisdom (intuition) deeply from within which sustained me and guided me to go explore and learn more, ultimately leading to a natural solution.


     Along the way, I found out there usually is more than one fibroid. I know of a woman who had different sizes, like a basket of fruit. She had fibroids the size of a grapefruit, medium apple, lemon, plums and small grapes. I also found out that the location of the fibroid(s) greatly determines whether a woman will have symptoms (ex., bleed heavy, spotting in between periods, etc.) or not.


     I feel the more women know about this dis-ease (uterine fibroid tumors), the better we are at addressing it.


     I read a lot, asked a lot of questions, talked with a lot of people (doctors (women and men, conventional and unconventional), girlfriends, my mother and grandmother, aunts, and most of all God).


     There were many things that I tried. Some were quite funny and downright ridiculous, and of course did not work.


     I was on a mission. I knew there had to be a better answer, and there was one--back to nature. I needed the answer for myself and I was willing to share it with others once I found it so that no one else would have to endure such agony.


     A part of the journey was to learn and then teach others.

Chapter 3--Tradition Approaches
     This chapter is devoted to summarizing the traditional alternatives that have been made available to women. It includes a thorough analysis of traditional and some modern day surgical and non-surgical approaches, but still invasive (such as burning away the tissue of the uterus--endometrial ablation, blocking the blood supply of the fibroid(s)--embolization, various medications, etc.). It is to be noted here that some new popular approaches, although a step in the right direction in that a woman gets to keep her uterus, are too new to be assessed as to the long term effect on a woman’s body. Women proceed with wisdom and caution when making your decisions concerning your body. Trust your own wisdom and get a good doctor willing to listen and work with you.


     Hysterectomy is the number one surgery traditionally performed in the USA (and some other countries, too) for women with fibroids. A hysterectomy is the removal of a woman’s uterus (womb), along with different variations of whether or not the ovaries (hormonal related), cervix (lower, narrow portion/neck of the uterus that extends into the vagina) and other tissue around the pelvic (supporting structure of organs of the lower abdomen/stomach) area, fallopian tubes (tubes that connect ovaries to the uterus) and a portion of the vagina will be removed, too. Once a woman has a hysterectomy, although the fibroids in her uterus (the uterus itself is gone) and, thereby, the symptoms are gone, she loses her capacity to have children. Also, there are some reports of women losing their sexual desire; irritating, drying of the vagina area (painful sex); night sweats, etc. due to no more hormones (estrogen and progesterone), i. e. a woman could go immediately into menopause. This applies to certain types of hysterectomies. The various types are discussed in this chapter along with other methods, including myomectomy in which a woman keeps her uterus, but the fibroid(s) is cut out.


     Even when fibroids are removed, they can, and often do, grow back. This is why the root cause of the problem must be addressed.

Chapter 4--The Natural Alternative

 What worked for me was Prayer (belief that there was something better) and what I found by trial and error, a natural approach, I share with you in this chapter.
 The natural alternative
 Pure, simple, understandable and balanced. The way nature  

 intended it to be.

  No pain
  No Incisions
  No long recovery periods
    Only Gratitude!


Chapter 6--My Story Continued

     Many times while flying on an airplane, sitting in church (on white seats, I might add), or while sitting for long durations in a meeting, etc. I used to be very concerned that the excessive bleeding during my periods due to fibroids would create an embarrassing situation for me. And, it did. There were many uncomfortable and embarrassing situations (which I share with you in the book). But, not anymore. I am healed of this disease. And, I pray that you will be healed, too, naturally. Peace and Blessings!

Other Excerpts

“I am grateful to be a part of such an exciting time when we are transcending such a barbaric past of having to have our center for creativity disturbed versus embracing our total self with love and back to nature appropriately when it comes to healing.”


“Sometimes we have to give up old belief systems that are no longer serving us, replacing/affirming such belief systems with something better.”


“May doctors and patients continue to move forward to a brighter day.”


“Cut when you have to, but leave alone what can best be treated by natural elements of nature.”


“Women learn from other women. Not only do we have our own innate wisdom, we are caregivers, nurturing and can be very supportive of each other.”


“I personally joined a support group with women having the same challenge. Though you might choose not to join a support group at this time, let this book become your support.”


“As you read the pages, know that the author is not someone who is just presenting information, but someone who has experienced the journey and can relate to what you may be experiencing.”     


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 Women’s Health, 152 pages, ISBN 0-9662663-7-4,  paperback, $12.00



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