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A Personal Journey Shared With Specific How-To’s
by Dr. Faye Hardaway, Spiritual Psychologist
with a Foreword by Dr. Eldred B. Taylor, GYN


Written by a woman who was actually healed naturally of fibroid tumors and supported by a board certified doctor, obstetrician/gynecologist.


A gift of inspiration and specific help to make hysterectomies and other invasive surgeries a thing of the past.
Includes healthy eating guidelines, herbal remedies, a unique healing approach, recipes, affirmations, a personal story told in the format of a journal and easy to follow how-to guidelines.
The natural alternative to a hysterectomy, other invasive surgeries and medications.
Women’s Health


“…We used to have the art of sitting on the front porch and combing each others’ hair, shelling peas or whatever else occupied our hands as we shared our experiences and remedies. Since women have gone into the workplace, established professional careers and are many times the sole caregivers of children, our worlds have grown to be so fast-paced that we have forgotten to make time to talk with our friends and share our stories and remedies.”
DR. FAYE HARDAWAY, a natural health enthusiast, is a writer, author, professional speaker and spiritual success/life coach.
Women’s Health, 152 pages, ISBN 0-9662663-7-4,  paperback, $12.00


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